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Matthew Gallo

Video Coordinator

My Motivation

I strive to use my gifts as an offering to God, serving in excellence in production and communications. I love creative work and using it for the glory of God.

My Background

Before working at The Bridge, I spent a few summers working at Silver Birch Ranch and The Woods as a videographer. I am currently working towards a Liberal Arts Degree at Northcentral Technical College.

My Spiritual Journey

I was raised in a Christian home but wasn’t able to grasp the concept of salvation until I was a teenager. I struggled with seeking others’ approval over God’s, however He broke these habits and showed me that I needed a deeper relationship with Him. I learned about God through several professors and leaders in my life who trained me to serve and honor God with the abilities He had given me.

One More Thing

I was a keyboard player in a rock band in my teens! We won our local battle
of the bands, moved onto state, and came in second place.

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