Reading your Bible is the key to real life transformation.


Establishing a quiet time is all about habit, and can prove difficult. We hope this reading plan can help you keep going in the right direction.

Each day has two sections. See the schedule below for details.

Every time you read a passage, think about...


1. What I learned.

2. What I need to change/do.

3. Pick a verse and memorize it/meditate on it (think on it).

Try to read your Bible each day!

Find an online Bible by clicking here.

April 1: Proverbs 1; Genesis 30

April 2: Proverbs 2; Genesis 31

April 3: Proverbs 3; Genesis 32

April 4: Proverbs 4; Genesis 33

April 5: Proverbs 5; Genesis 34

April 6: Proverbs 6; Genesis 35

April 7: Proverbs 7; Genesis 36

April 8: Proverbs 8; Genesis 37

April 9: Proverbs 9; Genesis 38

April 10: Proverbs 10; Genesis 39

April 11: Proverbs 11; Genesis 40

April 12: Proverbs 12; Genesis 41:1-36

April 13: Proverbs 13; Genesis 41:37-57

April 14: Proverbs 14; Genesis 42

April 15: Proverbs 15; Genesis 43

April 16: Proverbs 16; Genesis 44

April 17: Proverbs 17; Genesis 45

April 18: Proverbs 18; Genesis 46

April 19: Proverbs 19; Genesis 47

April 20: Proverbs 20; Genesis 48

April 21: Proverbs 21; Genesis 49

April 22: Proverbs 22; Genesis 50

April 23: Proverbs 23; Matthew 1

April 24: Proverbs 24; Matthew 2

April 25: Proverbs 25; Matthew 3

April 26: Proverbs 26; Matthew 4

April 27: Proverbs 27; Matthew 5:1-20

April 28: Proverbs 28; Matthew 5:21-48

April 29: Proverbs 29; Matthew 6

April 30: Proverbs 30; Matthew 7

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How To Have a Quiet Time

We believe a quiet time is essential to your growth as a follower of Jesus. In fact, it is easily one of the most important parts of your entire walk. We hope the following tips will help you establish a consistent quiet time.

1) Establish Time/Location

While it can be hard to find the perfect quiet time place, we believe it's worth the effort. Whether a room in your house or a local park, on the train or on the treadmill, the location matters. And nail down a daily time to do it. We can all procrastinate, so an established time should help your consistency.

2) Read the Word

Using the plan above, read slowly through today's chapters. Take notes in the journal on your reading by writing down what you learn, the ways God is speaking to you, and how you will apply what you read. We have journals available at The Bridge at our Welcome Center. Or you can start your own.

3) Memorize / Meditate

Choose a verse from your reading and write it in your journal. Commit it to short-term memory and take the verse with you that day (type it into your phone or write it on a 3x5 card, etc.), referring to it, thinking about it's meaning and how you can apply it, through the day.

4) Pray

Maintain a prayer list and pray through it, using the acrostic "p-r-a-y" to organize your thoughts and to keep you on track.

P      Praise & thanksgiving – Use this time to worship God for his greatness and to thank Him for His goodness to you. 

R      Repent – Confess any known sin and ask God to forgive you and to gain victory.

A      Another – Pray for the needs of others. Keep a list of requests and people you are committed to pray for.

Y      Yourself – Don't be afraid to go to God for your needs and the desires of your heart.