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The Bridge exists to connect people with God, people, and service. To proclaim the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus.

We see church as a place where​...









People find real help, experience real change, and discover real answers.

People can know they are fully forgiven, fully free in Christ.

People have nothing to prove, nothing to lose, and no reason to pretend.

People are trained, equipped, and empowered to impact lives all across the world.

People experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

Serving others is a joy, not just an obligation.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged, not feared.

People are free to succeed, free to fail, and free to attempt great things for God.

We believe...


God is the creator of all and He made people for His own pleasure to enjoy interpersonal relationships with them.


The purpose of all people is to bring pleasure to God by honoring Him with their lives (obeying Him) and drawing close to Him in friendship.


All people have chosen to turn away from God in sin and have therefore cut themselves off from God, their only source of life, to be condemned forever.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, God's Son and true God, entered the human race as a man, lived, suffered, and died in the place of all sinners. He rose again from the dead, securing salvation for those who are willing to receive it.


Each person, therefore, is saved from eternal separation from God by the grace of God Himself through faith in Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is given to each person who has received the gift of salvation, who indwells them, guides them and enables them to live according to God's will.


Christians are to be united with other believers in a Bible-teaching local church where they may grow spiritually, serve God, and do His work. And where they may also follow Christ in believer's baptism and remember Him through communion.



The Bible is the inspired Word of God, completely true and reliable. It is our source for teaching and guides us in living for today and eternity.


The End

Jesus will return to us to receive those of us who are saved and to establish both His earthly and heavenly kingdom.

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