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Emily Roman

Bridge Kids Development

My Motivation

One of the things I love most about Bridge Kids is that we're able to teach kids how we as believers are supposed to trust in, and depend on God. I know what it's like to grow up without that, so I'm beyond grateful that I've been the opportunity to help bring the Gospel to kids.

My Background

I attended Hope College. After that, I began attending The Bridge and serving in Bridge Kids every weekend. I was a missionary for two years with Campus Crusade in Kansas and Africa. I returned to the states as a Tech Recruiter for two years before joining The Bridge staff.

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in church, but it was in high school that I really became interested in knowing more about God, as I saw Christians at school living out their faith. I knew God was real, but did not understand what Jesus did on the cross until I got to college. It was then, I put my faith in him and was baptized my freshman year of college. That’s when my faith journey took off, and it has been an upward trajectory since!

One More Thing

I worked at Walt Disney World for a summer!

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