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Caleb Broussard

Worship Leader

My Motivation

I love seeing people connect with the truth of the Gospel through the songs we sing together, creativity, and community and discipleship.

My Background

I grew up in West Michigan before attending Arkansas State University. Before coming to The Bridge, I served at Central Baptist Church on the Media and Worship staff and obtained an M.Div in Worship Leadership from Southern Seminary.

My Spiritual Journey

I gave my life to Christ one night after family devotions when I was 5 years old. I started to take my faith seriously when I decided to read through the Bible and got connected to a Discipleship Group where I was mentored and walked in real community. I have found that the consistent habit of being with God and in community has been a compass for my life and set the pace for my journey with Jesus.

One More Thing

I love Star Wars! I grew up on it, and it’s still one of my favorites franchises to date.

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