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Brittany Zajac

Research Assistant

My Motivation

I have always wanted to use the gifts I have to work behind the scenes. I’m excited for the opportunity to explore content, assist our teaching pastors, and help them execute their lessons. Getting to share the Gospel and be a part of this process is so amazing.

My Background

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and currently live in Palatine with my husband and three boys. I was a school counselor for about 10 years before I became a stay at home mom with my kids.

My Spiritual Journey

I became a follower of Christ in 5th grade, but really became serious about my faith in high school. My senior year I was baptized and had many friends that didn’t agree with my decision to do this. It was my small group leaders, youth group friends, and my mom who supported and encouraged me through that time.

One More Thing

I was on the Bozo Bucket show when I was a little girl.

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