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Wyatt Milosch

Wyatt Milosch

Bridge Students Director

My Motivation

I see the radical transforming that God has done in my life and I pray that people experience the same transformation I did 100 times over. I desire to connect people to God, people, and service through all that I do.

My Background

Prior to coming on staff, I volunteered at The Bridge most weekends greeting in the Lobby and auditorium. Along with my current Student Ministry role, I also work as a Sales Engineer to sell and integrate lasers for orthopedic manufacturers of medical devices, implants, and instruments.

My Spiritual Journey

I used to seek out the world and all it had to offer. I thought I had everything and that’s where my identity was. But when I was 25, God showed me it was all for nothing. I learned there was nothing I could do to make myself right with God. Through His love, grace, and mercy, He crucified my old identity and I gave my life to Him.

One moRe thing 

One year at Man Camp, I drove my car into the firepit on Campfire Hill.

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