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Thea Puente

Bridge Kids Coordinator

Thea Puente

My Motivation

I love getting to see how God works through kids. I’m grateful to be a part of Bridge Kids and a place where kids, their relationship with God, and learning about The Bible is prioritized. That’s so important to me.

My Background

I grew up in Des Plaines and I’m currently studying Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute. Before working at The Bridge I worked at a park district as a pool manager.

My Spiritual Journey

I went through a really hard season in my life and decided to reach out to one of my good friends for advice. She encouraged me to begin watching sermons online and we’d then discuss them together. It was that season and friend who really pushed me to begin attending church, learning more, and ultimately from that became a follower of Christ. I’ve since had many friends, leaders, and a church family who have helped me continue to grow.

One More Thing

I want to own my own garden and flower shop one day.

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