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Melissa Pateras

Executive Administrator

My Motivation

I love the church. To see changed lives at all of our campuses is extremely motivating. Knowing there is a much larger story at play, I am blessed to be a small part of that.

My Background

Before working at The Bridge, I studied education at Olivet. During that time, I volunteered at The Bridge. After I graduated, I worked at a pediatric psychologist's office. In 2014, I came on staff here at The Bridge.

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in church and knew a lot about God, but I never learned about a God who was near, or about a God who wanted a relationship with me. In high school, I started going to youth group with friends and started learning the relationship attributes of God and everything began to make sense. I was saved towards the end of high school and began living for Christ. Looking back, several friends and their families had significant impacts on my journey.

One More Thing

My favorite snack is baby carrotts!

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