Current Classes


Taught by Andy Stanley

Began Mar 2/4 | 6:45-8:00p

Des Plaines & Northside - Mon

Randhurst - Wed

Meets Weekly | 5 Weeks

We have all struggled with getting too close to temptation at some point in our lives, even if we don't realize it. In this class, Andy Stanley will walk us through some practical ways we can put up some guardrails in our life.

The Book Of Ecclesiastes

Taught by Joel Bradshaw & Mick Duran

Begins Mar 9/11 | 7:00-7:45p

Northside - Mon

Des Plaines & Randhurst - Wed

Meets Weekly | 8 Weeks

We have all wondered the meaning of life, at one point or another. In Ecclesiastes, an elderly man looks back at his life and reflects on how even the good things can become problems when our eyes are taken off God.

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