It's time.

You've thought it many times. "I should go to church." But for some reason, you still haven't.

You believe it will be good for you. For your family. But new habits are hard. Especially church. 


We get it. Let's change that in 2022.

We are the perfect church for imperfect people. A diverse community of people seeking to connect with God and each other. If you're going to try a church, we'd love to have you.


Give it 30 days. See what happens.

last weekend's sermon

You have those days. You have those seasons. The ones where the joy just seems to run out.

Where is God in these moments? 

In John 2:1-11, Jesus responds to one of those times, showing us that He is right there with us.

Join Us Every Weekend

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Online Services

Watch at home! We are live streaming every weekend with messages that will help your life now. It's an incredible experience wherever you are in your journey.

Online - Sat 5p | Sun 9a, 11a

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In Person Services

Visit one of our locations for live worship, great teaching, and community. We'd love to have you safely join us!

Des Plaines - Sat 5p | Sun 9a, 11a

Randhurst - Sat 5p | Sun 9a, 11a

Northside - Sun 9a, 11a

Español - Dom 1p

Real people. Real stories.

Megan's story blew us away. The change in her life is as dramatic as we have seen. We hope this inspires you.


Pastor Junior is on the radio each Sunday morning a 11:30a. Plus, he has a monthly email newsletter that contains great content. He would love to connect with you through that newsletter. Click below to get on Junior's email list.


Do you have questions about God?

The vast majority of people arrive at this website with many questions. Is God real? Does he love me? If he is real, why does evil exist? And most importantly, is it really possible to have a relationship with God?

Pastor Scott has written a book, The God Project, to answer those questions and many more. We have had hundreds of people go through the book. It's easy to read and can be a guide for your journey.

While the book is available on Amazon, we would love to provide you a copy and go through it with you. We've had hundreds of men and women find answers and hope during this process. It's incredible.


If you'd like to walk through the book with someone from our church, let us know by clicking here. We'd love to help you on your journey.