We are the perfect church for imperfect people. A diverse community of people seeking to connect with God and each other.

During this difficult time, we want to be here for you. Whether you join us in person, or online, we're praying that you find hope and peace.

Current Series: The Divide

Are you really following Jesus?

Maybe you would say yes. Maybe no.


Or maybe you don't know! It's why you came to this website.


No matter where you are, this message will help you find purpose in life and help you know what it means to actually follow Jesus.

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Online Services

We are live streaming every weekend with music and teaching that will change your life. It's an incredible experience wherever you are.

Sat - 3p, 5p, 7p, 9p

Sun - 9a, 11a, 3p, 5p, 7p, 9p

In Person Services

Visit one of our locations for live worship and teaching, plus experience community. We're being incredibly safe and would love to have you join us. Bridge Kids at 9a only.

Sun - 9a, 11a | Des Plaines, Randhurst, Chicago

Real people. Real stories.

Tim walked through life thinking he was set. He had his job, his girl, and his church. Until one day when it all changed. That's when we finally hit his knees and had a real conversation with God.

Do you have questions about God?

The vast majority of people arrive at this website with many questions. Is God real? Does he love me? If he is real, why does evil exist? And most importantly, is it really possible to have a relationship with God?

Pastor Scott has written a book, The God Project, to answer those questions and many more. We have had hundreds go through the book. It's easy to read and can be a guide for your journey.


If you're interested in buying a copy, click the link below. Even better, if you'd like to walk through the book with someone from our church, let us know by clicking here.