Forgiveness - Women's Study


At some point we all have offended someone with our words or actions and by that we’ve caused deep pain even to those we say we love the most.


But we’ve also been hurt, humiliated or betrayed on different occasions, and sometimes just the thought of it still hurts like an open wound that seems to never heal. All of these experiences have broken our hearts and our relationships. They have brought shame, sadness and even sickness to our bodies.


What do we do?

How do we turn the page into a new chapter?

How do we get out of that prison of guilt or resentment?

How do we find the healing for our aching souls?

How do we restore our broken relationships?


The answer is forgiveness.


God has provided us with this wonderful key that opens the door to our freedom


Come join us as we learn together in a simple way the great power of forgiveness. We’ll meditate on the word of God and make decisions that will lead us to a new beginning.

Begins Thu, Apr 12, 7-8p

Taught by Veronica Martinez

4 weeks | Des Plaines location map

No sign up needed | Childcare provided