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Veronica Martinez

Bridge Kids | Español

My Motivation

Our communities need God and I love to see how The Bridge reaches out to them. I'm honored to be part of this team.

My Background

I was involved in ministry since I was 10. After getting married, my husband Juan and I moved to the USA in 2002 to reach out to the Hispanic community. We moved to the Chicago suburbs in 2014 with our four children, Steffi, Daniel, Sofia and Gabriella to serve at The Bridge. I joined staff the next year.

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up in church, which I love! My mom led me to Christ and modeled to me what faith is all about. Both of my parents are my biggest inspiration. Since then I have been serving and loving the opportunity to serve God and serve others.

One More Thing

I grew up playing the guitar and leading worship in the church that my father planted.