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Campus Coordinator | Randhurst

My Motivation

I love encouraging, connecting, and serving others. Showing others God’s love is so important to me, so I love that I’m able to do that while working in connections.

My Background

I’m currently an online student at Liberty University. The previous three years, I was a student on campus and loved my time there. I was a Young Life leader while there and loved connecting with students and seeing them learn about the hope they can find in Christ. Most recently, this past summer I was given the incredible opportunity to spend my summer as a counselor at The Woods Camp. 

My Spiritual Journey

I grew up going to church, but didn’t start seriously following God until high school. I got involved with Young Life and had leaders who invested in me and helped my faith grow and continue to where I am today.

One More Thing

I have visited 8 different countries. 

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