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Ariana Brown

Communications Intern

My Motivation

I love Communications because it brings a church together in and outside of weekend services. Having a space where people are constantly connected and allowing others to see what is going on inside the church walls is so exciting.

My Background

I'm originally from Wisconsin, and I’m going into my third year at Moody Bible Institute as a Communications Student. I work in the Donor Appreciation department, as a TA, Social Media and Marketing for our publishing team, and as Creative Coordinator for the Communication department!

My Spiritual Journey

I became a believer when I was 16 in Zambia, Africa. I went back to Wisconsin with not many fellow believers, but I was introduced to some people later in school that pushed me to grow and to learn as much as possible. It’s so awesome to see what surrounding yourself with the right people can do, it’s what challenged but also helped me the most!

One More Thing

My favorite past times are thrifting and dinner parties! I love to host and love to decorate and serve with epic thrifted dishes too. The two combined, voilà!

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