What is Silver Birch?

Silver Birch Ranch is a camp that our Middle School students attend. It’s a week-long camp, full of God, friendships, games, tubing, horseback riding, paintball, and more! This is a great week for students to get more connected with each other and it’s open to all incoming 6th through 8th grade students. If your student is currently in 8th grade and will be an incoming 9th grader in the fall, they are invited to join us on our high school missions trip to Pawnee Oklahoma. Check out the information for how to register below.

MSM Silver Birch Registration

Camp Dates: August 3rd-9th
Registration & Deposit: Due June 6th - $100 deposit due (register and pay below) 
Final Payment: Due July 24th - $350 final payment due (includes entire week of programming, activities, and meals)

How To Register

Register online for Silver Birch Ranch at (The Bridge’s Group ID - THEBRIDGE19):

1.Camper Account Login Page


Set up a Username and Password (Record the Username and Password for future reference.)

2.Online Registration Dashboard
The new event the camper is registering for can be accessed under the “Enrollment” section on the right side of the screen, with the button “Add New Program.” If there is missing information on the camper’s account, it will need to be completed before the registrant can proceed.

3.Camper Group ID Screen (The Bridge’s Group ID - THEBRIDGE19)
Enter your group’s Registration ID Code (THEBRIDGE19) when asked if you have a Group Registration ID. (By using the Group ID Code, parents will only be able to register for your camp session, and won’t get confused by other session possibilities.  They also won’t need to pay for the registration/bus fees, as those will get charged to the church’s account.)

4.Registration Selections Screen
This is where campers select the event/program they wish to attend.  If you have used the Group ID Code, only 1 event should show for you to select.

5.Contact Personal Information, Address Information, Phones & Email, and Emergency Contact Information Screens
Complete the required info on these screens. Only 1 Guardian is required. The Emergency Contact must be a different person than Guardian 1.

6.Required forms
(Such as the Medical Form) will be displayed to be completed if the parent does not log out first.  If the parent logs out before completing these forms, they should log back in and locate the forms on the right hand side of the Dashboard.  Parents should complete the forms by clicking on the blue form name and completing the required information.  They then click “Next.”  Once each form is complete, the registrant can return to the Dashboard and note if the forms have been completed and are checked off in green.

7. Cabin Mate Requests

Here you can make a request for a cabin mate.

8.Transportation Screen
The Bridge will provide transportation so just click “Next.”

9. Canteen Accounts

Parents CAN and SHOULD set up a camper’s Canteen (spending money) account online. This can be done from the Dashboard under the Financial section by clicking the Make Payment button and walking through the provided steps. They can also pre-order the camp photo or video DVD (optional). Under “Add Chg.” BUT---the parents (not the church/group) will be responsible to pay for any Canteen amounts online either at the time of registration, or by logging back on to their camper’s account at a later date. Campers are refunded any unused Canteen money in cash on the morning of their departure from camp.  Parents can add money to a camper’s Canteen account online up until 24 hrs. prior to departure.

Camper Cancellations

If a camper needs to cancel, contact Jordan ASAP.

Pay Here: