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Stephanie Bartlett

Campus Coordinator

My Motivation

I love people and helping other believers grow in their faith. One of my favorite things is getting to meet with people who are hurting, have questions, or desire to grow.

My Background

I grew up in Ohio, but after graduating from Moody Bible Institute settled in the Chicago area with my husband John. Before The Bridge, I had the opportunity to work some amazing jobs including non-profit admin, landscaping, and teaching piano.

My Spiritual Journey

I came to know Jesus when I was 4, but really began pursuing him after a week at middle school camp. After a winding road of following him, falling away, and being brought back, I was baptized at the age of 19. I've been blessed to have several mentors who have encouraged me, walked through hard days, and pushed me from a walk to a run in my relationship with God.

One More Thing

I love going out for breakfast, taking road trips, and reading.

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