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Paul Hardt

Campus Pastor

My Motivation

I love people and I love Jesus. I want to take as many people to Heaven with me as I can

My Background

Before I started at The Bridge, I was a police officer. I retired from my duty as an officer, and started on staff here as Campus Pastor for Northside in December 2020. My wife, Becky Hardt, and I enjoy serving The Bridge Community Church together.

My Spiritual Journey

I got saved at the North Side Gospel Center when I was 8 years old. My pastor talked about the difference between believing a fact and placing my faith and trust in Jesus. It was when I was in high school at The Woods Camp that I decided to dedicate my whole life to follow Christ. There were numerous leaders at church and camp that impacted my life for Christ. They encouraged me to commit my life to Christ. No turning back.

One More Thing

In third grade, I had to stay after school everyday because I didn't get any of my work done from daydreaming all day.

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