Rebecca Littauer.jpg

Rebecca Littauer

Bridge Kids Coordinator | Randhurst

My Motivation

I am very passionate about God's design for the family unit. My hope is that each family and volunteer involved with Bridge Kids would feel loved, know their value, and grow closer to each other and with God.

My Background

Before working in Bridge Kids, I worked in the behavior health field doing case management. I also spent most of the last year overseeing counselors at Camp Awana. I have a degree in Christian ministries, with a counseling minor.

My Spiritual Journey

I was saved as a 5 year-old working through the Awana club at my church where I grew up. However, a few years ago, right out of college, I met a woman at The Bridge who began to mentor me. From her, I learned what it meant to really follow Jesus, to die to self, walk out of bondage and into the freedom of Christ. I learned to trust God's ways truly are the best way to live life.

One More Thing

I listen to jazz music more than any other genre.