Mike 2021.jpg

Mike Thicksten

Production Director

My Motivation

God gave us all unique gifts to build the body of Christ (Eph. 4:10-12).  I love working with the team of people in production, as well as the talented group of musicians God has given to The Bridge in creating something worthy of the King...what a great privilege and responsibility.

My Background

Before working at The Bridge, I was a licensed broker for 13 years in the financial services and operations industry. My wife Kari and I live in Des Plaines with our three boys, Owen, Logan, and Nolan.

My Spiritual Journey

I was fortunate to be raised in the church and in a God-fearing home. Sadly, I took a lot of this for granted, and became a bit of a prodigal son as a young adult by living my life without any passion or focus. God has since given me a powerful drive to get as far away from that complacency to keep growing, start leading, and to never accept a day where I'm not better than yesterday.

One More Thing

If I didn't keep buzzing off my hair, I'd grow an afro. I let it go once... luckily this was a long time before social media, so don't bother looking for it.