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WELCOME TO Dusty Doctrines


Our entire church is taking the next couple months to take a deep dive and grow in the knowledge of our faith. There are three options. We'd love to have you join us.

Option 1: 

Live Teaching | 7 weeks

Des Plaines - Mon, Jan 24, 7-8p

Northside - Tue, Jan 25, 7-8p

Randhurst - Wed, Jan 26, 7-8p

Even if you didn't sign up, just show up!

Option 2: CLOSED

Join A Group | 7 weeks

Meeting in Community Groups

Various nights & locations

Option 3:

Live Stream or On Demand | 7 weeks

Live Stream - Mon 7p - Click link below.

On Demand - Watch below starting Tue at noon.

Print the Dusty Booklet PDF by downloading it here.


Coming Tue, 12p