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DJ Irizarry

Bridge Students Director | Des Plaines

My Motivation

I believe God is doing a great work with our students and it is my pleasure to edify and grow with them as they navigate life through an often confusing time. From my own life, I have seen how impactful these few years are when it comes to spiritual maturity and theological development.


I completed a student ministry internship at my church prior to discovering The Bridge, and I worked at The Home Depot for a few years.


I came to faith during a tough time in middle school and started to take my faith seriously in high school. My mentor at the time pushed me to aspire for excellence and consistency when it came to my relationship with the Lord. Under God’s grace and through His strength I started to take my personal relationship with the Lord seriously.

one more thing

I’m a huge fan of motorsports. In my free time, you can find me going on a drive, talking about cars, or watching videos about cars.

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