Daniel Martinez

Student Ministry Coordinator

My Motivation

I believe our students today are bombarded with different standards and ideas regarding faith, their lives, purposes, and their identity. I believe there is nothing greater than being able to share with them about the way, the truth and the life, Jesus!

My Background

When I am not working in our student ministry, I am serving on the production and worship teams. I also work at the Moody Bible Institute as an Admissions Tele-Counselor. My wife Laura and I were married in August 2019.

My Spiritual Journey

My parents have always helped me walk towards God and inspired me to remain faithful. I was saved at an early age, but my faith became real to me in 10th grade when I started taking time to pray alone, and could truly experience God's love for me. I was baptized at a young age as well, but after fully comprehending what it ultimately meant, I was baptized once more to commit my life to serving God in May 2019 at The Bridge.

One More Thing

I may look quiet, but am actually quite extroverted and love making people laugh.