Bridge Update Mar 23, 2020


Stay home. No school. Shelter in place. How is this not wasted time…because it kinda feels useless.


But could your quarantine ever be looked back on as time well spent? Junior has a few thoughts. Watch his message above.


Then join us this weekend for our new series, QUARANTINE. We will be streaming live right here on our website. Join us at one of our three times: Sat 5p | Sun 9a & 11a.


Get Ready For This Weekend

1. Bookmark this website.

2. Pick a time to attend.

3. Mark it in your calendar and set an alarm.

4. See you soon!



Starts This Weekend

Watch Live Online - Sat 5p | Sun 9a, 11a - Click Here

Bridge Update - Mar 18, 2020

Bridge family,

I am praying for all of you! This will be a defining time for all of us. Years from now we will refer to “BEFORE COVID-19” and “AFTER COVID-19.” For better or for worse, things will change and some of those things will become a new normal.

But most of what is better or worse in those changes, will depend on how we respond.

How will you respond to this time?

Whatever your take is on the business closures and quarantines, they are realities today that will have a lasting economic and social impact on tomorrow. They will also have a spiritual impact, and that should be what we are most concerned with.

As you have heard me say, probably more than once, this is a time like no other for the church to be the church. We’ll be staying in touch in the weeks ahead to give support for how we can all do that, but for starters, I’d like to share an idea.

A friend of mine in Canada sent me a note that he and his wife are distributing to their neighbors this week. Linda and I are going to write the same note (almost word-for-word) and leave it in our neighbor’s doors. I suggest you consider doing the same. Think of the witness if every Bridge member were to reach out with an offer to serve and care for our neighbors! And even if there is no favorable fallout, this is what Jesus wants us to do, love our neighbors and care for others, even in the midst of our own distress.

Here’s the note my friend wrote:

Hello - We are your neighbors, Kevin and Laura, living at 681 -188 Street. In light of the fact that some of us may get sick during the Covid-19 Virus pandemic and may have to stay home, we wanted you to have our phone number. If you run out of supplies or need groceries picked up or dropped off at your door – we are happy to help as much as we can.
We are all in this together! You are not alone!
Kevin and Laura

“May mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you“ Jude 2

If you do this, let me know the response you get.


Second thought I want to drive home. Please, please, please, be committed to participating in our livestream. This is our church service. It will be streaming on Saturday at 5p, and on Sunday at 9a & 11a, just like when we gather. The music will be awesome, even though we won’t be together in person. And we are launching a short and pertinent series for this time, called, “QUARANTINE.” You might be surprised how God used quarantines in the Bible to bless his people. We can't wait to tell you more about this upcoming series tomorrow.

Even when we are not meeting on weekends, I love being your pastor!


Pastor Scott

Bridge Update - Mar 17, 2020