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important church update from pastor scott
May 21, 2021

Bridge Family - Please Watch Pastor Scott's Video

Below Is A Video Transcript (If Needed)

Bridge Family,

Eleven months ago, we made the decision to reopen in-person services at The Bridge, requiring masks for all attendees, socially-distanced seating, and lots of sanitation efforts. At the time, COVID numbers were decreasing, but in the months since there were a couple of major spikes in Illinois. Yet, not a single person contracted COVID in any of our gatherings on the weekends or in our youth ministries. We are very grateful to God for that. We have repeatedly said, “Church is the safest place you can be.” I believed that to be true, and thankfully, it also proved itself to be true.


Today, infection numbers around the country, in Illinois, and the Chicago area are down, dramatically. Because of that, stores and events are beginning to open up. The trend is good and we believe it is time for us to remove our requirement for masks in our gatherings at The Bridge. Beginning this weekend, face masks will be optional. We will have a designated mask-required seating area in all of our locations, for those who feel more comfortable sitting in an area where everyone is masked. We will also keep our current seating distance limitations in place. But other than the designated auditorium area, masks will now be optional for adults and children, as well as middle schoolers and high schoolers for our youth ministries.


I realize that if you get four people together and get them talking about masks, you are going to get four different viewpoints. We get that. The truth is, whatever we do in this regard, it could become divisive, unless all of us are allowing the Holy Spirit to govern our approach, willing to yield to our church leaders in how they believe we should move forward. We’ve not allowed any of the COVID controversies to divide us as a church. We must be absolute in our resolve to not allow mask-wearing to divide us now.


I’m very grateful for you, and it’s a privilege to be your pastor. I’m also excited to be able to see your faces again!


God bless,

Pastor Scott 

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