Anne 2021.jpg

Anne Panganiban

Media Intern

My Motivation

To see people rest in the knowledge that God can light their path even in their darkest times is such a blessing. Helping people back on their feet and find strength in God through media is what makes me love what I do. 

My Background

I was born in the Philippines and moved to Chicago at the age of 3. I started attending The Bridge during high school through some friends, but it was only in 2020 after coming home from college when I really stuck with it. It was my passion for videography that ultimately led me to intern in media here at The Bridge.

My Spiritual Journey

During my first year of college, I found myself facing a lot of struggles. I grew up in a Catholic household and I went to HSM at The Bridge once in a while, so I was always aware of how God worked through people. My faith began to develop into my own during that difficult time in college, but it wasn’t until I came home from my first year and went to Camp Awana that my walk turned more into a run. I publicly declared Jesus as my savior in early 2021, and He has been my rock ever since. 

One More Thing

My mom’s side lives in Australia and when I got to visit, I got to feed kangaroos!