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Jacy Nickerson

Counseling Intern

My Motivation

I love people, and I love serving alongside the staff and volunteers at The Bridge.

My Background

I am currently a full-time student at Moody Bible Institute, studying Human Services/Counseling. I’ve also spent the last two years on summer staff at The Woods.

My Spiritual Journey

I was saved around 9 years old. As a missionary kid, I felt like the odd one out being the only one not getting saved and baptized, so I made some decisions out of obligation. Later in my teenage years, I started following Jesus more intentionally and taking my faith seriously. I continued to pursue him at Moody Bible Institute and moved to the United States which also helped me develop my own personal relationship with God. My life is a testimony of the faithfulness of God!

One More Thing

I lived in Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico for 15 years as a missionary.

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