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Elena Ray

Worship Intern

My Motivation

I see my life as an opportunity to share the gospel and I’m excited to do that in a church setting. My goal is to serve God well and let others know how He changed my life. I want to lead music with excellence, growing in my skill so that I can serve God wherever He calls me.

My Background

I am originally from Markle, Indiana and am going in my sophomore year as a student at Cedarville University in Ohio. I also worked at Hughs Bakery and Coffee Shop and Marshall’s.

My Spiritual Journey

I was raised in a Christian home and I was saved when I was young. However, I lived a checklist faith and thought that Christianity depended on good deeds. During high school, I joined a worship program called “Sons and Daughters” that changed the way I look at my faith. I learned that it is defined by Jesus’ work, not my own.

One More Thing

I would rather stand in front of a group of hundreds and sing or speak than do the same in front of a group of 50 peers.

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